From people and equipment to catering trucks at LAX, the 365 Smart Platform keeps things moving like clockwork.

Facilities Management

365 Response is more than just an innovator of health and care technology. We have organically grown to provide logistics solutions to Facilities Management that connects all moving parts of one system into one online platform.

We work with companies in regulated sectors to provide them with bespoke track and trace software. 365 Smart Platform, our complete end-to-end flow solution enables companies to plan, dispatch, track, trace, review, learn, audit and report from a single online cloud-based system. A range of integrated apps work with 365 SmartPlatform to deliver a truly mobile solution that can support access at any time and from any place.

As an example, we have created a total flow solution for Air Fayre, a logistics company supplying large airlines in Los Angeles Airport – air side. 365 Response has designed, built and deployed the complete dispatch and logistics system for the complex operations undertaken by Air Fayre. Providing logistic services at LAX Airport, one of the largest international airports in the world, Air Fayre works in a highly regulated, time-sensitive environment with strict security controls.

Working within an industry with strict service levels, Air Fayre tasked itself with finding a way to differentiate as a provider. Air Fayre knew the key to driving change was to work with a collaborative partner to build a pioneering logistics system that is localised, scalable and cost effective. To fully understand the customers’ needs, the 365 Response team spent time on-site scoping requirements, shadowing Air Fayre teams and identifying areas of improvement, which led to the creation of a bespoke system.

Air Fayre now uses 365 SmartPlatform to dynamically dispatch, track, trace and audit across their resources. With a full suite of customer-specific reports and notifications, Air Fayre has complete visibility across its logistical operations and continues to work with 365 Response to build upon and further develop their platform.