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At 365 Response, we work with large and small transport providers to deliver a digital platform for managing Home to School transport and improving communications between all stakeholders.

We have undergone detailed consultations with transport providers to understand the issues faced when dealing with Home to School Transport, and we’ve developed an easy-to-use platform to digitise the process and bring significant benefits to all.

Our Solution

The 365 Smart Platform provides an end-to-end transport solution to automate route planning, and put risk, compliance and incident management in one place. This solution is used by the Council, schools and parents so that everyone has access to the data that they need, when they need it.

Key Benefits

Compliance & Risk Management

With transporting children and young adults comes high levels of compliance and risk management, which is why we have a full module within the platform to help you keep track of important information. Beginning with our Driver App, each driver is required to complete a pre-travel checklist at the start of their shift. This gives you and the passenger peace of mind that everything is in working order and any risks have been minimised or addressed.

Compliance & Risk Management

A digital dashboard gives a clear view of compliance across your fleet, highlighting any vehicles or drivers that need attention.

Overall, the platform supports you in maintaining the highest standards and achieving excellent relationships with clients.

Improved Communications
You asked, and we listened. We understand that managing relationships with multiple stakeholders, all sharing information, can be difficult. We want to move this process from paper and spreadsheets, to a digital platform that does the hard work for you. When information is updated, it is updated for everyone, so there are no concerns over the latest versions or worries about information being outdated.
Real-Time Reporting
We understand the needs of Transport Providers and the importance of knowing where your fleet is at all times. Our real-time reporting gives you total visibility so that you can understand where each driver is and when they should arrive at their destination.
Real-Time Reporting
Real-time access to information at your fingertips supports you in giving a better service to passengers and their families, by reducing questions and calls regarding location. The GPS-enabled Driver App gives up to date information to parents, guardians, schools and Councils about where they are on their journey, and the innovative system allows you to manually adjust routes as needed.
Automate Route Planning
The 365 Smart Platform helps to remove the stress from route planning, using innovative technology to schedule the most efficient routes for your journeys. Using the latest mapping technology, the platform is able to take traffic conditions and KPIs into account, to plan the quickest, greenest, most efficient routes so that you don’t have to. The system is able to work within your chosen parameters to take each passengers’ needs into account.

Our Latest Case Studies

“It is our ambition to transform Home to School Transport and raise the bar by delivering the most reliable, efficient, and inclusive travel experience...

for children and young people. It is time they got the service they really deserve and not the one they have settled for. We’re really excited to be working with 365 Response on the roll-out of their Transport Management System on our services.”

Vinay Parmar | Managing Director | National Express Accessible Transport |
Discussing the implementation of the 365 Transport Management System to digitalise their Home to School Transport operations

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