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Some questions are asked more frequently than others, so this is where we provide the answers.

365 Response is a unique and award-winning software services organisation with approximately 50 staff based in Wakefield and Leicester.

We collaborate with clients across multiple sectors to understand detailed requirements, identify gaps and then accordingly implement solutions. We work across the NHS, local councils, and public & private transport suppliers.

The 365 Response team has the unique combination of a fast-paced innovative approach, an established system and unparalleled industry experience. We are proud to say that our solutions have helped our clients achieve improved service levels and significant cost savings.

We supply digital platform solutions including patient & community transport, social prescribing, e-procurement and digital marketplaces to numerous NHS and Local Authority, and private sector organisations in England, Scotland and Wales.

Below are some frequently asked questions our suppliers have asked whilst onboarding to the 365 Response Digital Marketplace eProcure Platform.

365 Response provide transport and procurement solutions to NHS, Local Authority and private sector organisations UK wide; we connect the NHS and Local Authority organisations to the transport suppliers via the eProcure Digital Marketplace which advertises available work throughout the UK in one easy to manage system, for suppliers, NHS and Local Authority Organisations.

The eProcure Digital Market Place (DM) immediately connects NHS and Local Authority organisations to a fully procured network of suppliers and enables the NHS and Local Authority organisations to access the suppliers in a controlled, transparent and procurement compliant way by posting journey requirements (for 15 minutes time to several months in advance) and enabling all approved suppliers to bid in real time for each piece of activity. Where a longer competition is posted, a competition can be run to lock the price in for that period creating clear budget control for buyers and security of work for suppliers.

Suppliers can work UK-wide and the options for this are given during the onboarding process. We advise suppliers to select all UK regions to provide you and the NHS and Local Authority organisations with greater flexibility should work be available in that area.

You may for example, start with a transport booking in your area and transfer a service user across the UK and pick up a seperate booking to return to your area.

All types of transport suppliers/service providers can apply, for example:

  • Ambulance (Patient Transport Service & Urgent Care Transport)
  • Mental Health
  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles
  • Taxi
  • Home visit transportation services
  • Courier
  • Community Transport
  • Discharge and transfer service
  • Special Educational Needs transport

Preparation is key, and there are a set of important requirements that need to be met to assure the public sector that you have the right standards in place to deliver services.

It is essential that you carefully read the guidance document for any framework or DPS application which explicitly tells you what documents you need to prepare. If you have all of your information in place in advance of applying (including ensuring your references are ready) the maximum period from the start of your application to a positive award to a DPS is 15 working days if clarification questions are needed, and 10 days if no clarification questions are needed.

Some critical areas to consider for your application have been listed below and are the areas that can often cause delay if you do not prepare sufficient and detailed information.

You will need to be able to commit to obtain (if you do not currently have this) the following insurances with a £5 million cover value.

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Employers Liability

A quick internet search will produce a list of suitable brokers to provide this insurance.

All government services require a suitable level of insurance to protect you as the supplier and the NHS and Local Authority as the buyer against any untoward incident or concern that may occur during any form of contract you may enter.

Failure to obtain sufficient insurance levels will result in a failure to be able to deliver services via this route. It is therefore critical and non-negotiable that these insurances are in place.

All the above insurances need to be provided by all types of transport suppliers due to the nature of the work in scope. This is a reasonable and equitable standard that is applied to all suppliers from Taxi services to Ambulance Providers and ensures you are sufficiently covered to provide these services.

  • Ablility to view and respond to real-time opportunities throughout the UK in an equal and fair way.
  • Transparent billing process meaning quicker turnaround times for authorisation and payment of invoices.
  • Details of the types of Shift Covers, journey bookings, out of area transfers, winter pressure and discharge short term contracts and longer-term work are all available for suppliers to see, respond and bid for in a compliant and secure way.
  • Once successfully onboarded you are a fully assured supplier that can demonstrate a high level of quality and safety and can be immediately available for any Local Authority and NHS organisations wishing to undertake a competition to procure your services.
  • There are no joining fees or any other costs to join – in line with other Frameworks and Dynamic Procurement Systems across the UK. Suppliers are charged an activity based fee that is only triggered for completed activity.

Yes, all staff need to have a DBS check in place and be checked within 3 years. This is very important to the public sector and if you are wanting to supply services via this route this is a necessary investment you will need to make to provide full assurance for buyers in this space.

Yes, a summary of your financial information will be required. A statement of your financials can be provided, or you can take a copy of your recent balance sheet, or provide 2 years’ worth of audited accounts. It is essential to provide this information as all public sector contracts need assurance that suppliers have sufficient financial resources in place to deliver the standards of care and transport that is required.

If you do not produce such evidence, this will result in an automatic failure outcome.

Suppliers submit their invoices to the Local Authority or NHS organisation via the eProcure Digital Marketplace Technology Platform for the work that has been completed. The contract for services remains directly with the supplier to the purchasing authority at all times. The platform supports the efficient management of the invoice process.

The Local Authority or NHS organisation directly validates the invoice themselves. The eProcure Digital Marketplace Technology Platform is used to validate and download the invoice, and the organisation will then pay the supplier directly in line with contractual agreements.

There are no joining fees in line with the majority of Framework and Dynamic Purchasing Systems. All suppliers are charged an activity-based income fee for work that is allocated and completed via the eProcure Digital Marketplace Technology Platform.

All suppliers wanting to have a contract awarded where a contract value is over £10 million will be required to support the development of an apprenticeship scheme. This would be where a long term and substantial value contract will be awarded. This does NOT take place on the Digital Marketplace but will be a full procurement process that will use the approved supplier list as the eligible providers to be asked to tender.

It is essential that you are aware that you will need to commit to the apprenticeship scheme on application but this will ONLY be relevant if you are wishing to participate in a very large contract size.

As such when you apply to join 365 Response you will be asked to commit to this assurance, even if at this time you do not wish to participate in a contract of this size.

You do not have to have an apprenticeship scheme in place for any work under the £10 million threshold, but you must commit in case you may want to do so in the future.

Once you have been approved as a supplier and your online training has been completed, you will be able to take part in competitions.

We advise suppliers to select all UK regions to operate where appropriate to provide you and the NHS and Local Authority organisations with greater flexibility should work be available in that area.

You may for example, start with a transport booking in your area and transfer a service user across the UK and then be able to pick up a separate booking to return to your area giving you greater efficiency and covering both journey legs.

There are no implications of declining to bid on a mini competition. It is essential you only bid for work, however, for which you have the capacity to complete.

No, however evidence will need to be submitted to show that you are working towards the below management systems but these do not have to be certified accreditations. You can submit internal documentation to explain how you manage the below systems:

  • Energy Management System
    • For example, this can be your involvement in reducing your carbon footprint as an organisation.
  • Quality Management Systems
    • This is providing evidence on how you already manage your processes and procedures effectively as a business to ensure your staff are safe to drive and your vehicles are safe to use.
  • Environmental Management Systems
    • For example, your awareness of fuel consumption and future emission and mileage reductions eg. in future, sourcing low emission vehicles.
  • Sustainability Planning / System
  • Information Security
    • This can be your registration/completion of the DPS Toolkit. If you are working towards any Cyber Essentials Certification, your internal GDPR/Data/IG policy should cover this.

Yes, a Business Continuity Plan is required and written detail on how this was tested within the last 12 months. For example, adverse weather conditions or how you prepare for and cover staff who are sick or absent. COVID-19 has been a real test for many organisations to check the continuity and contingency plans in place as there have been many instances of staff absence at short notice in these unprecedented times.

This can be a focused write up and description on how you have overcome these tests.

No formal qualifications are required but a sound understanding of fraud awareness and its impact is required. Please see this link for details:

You can also search the internet for fraud awareness training and select a suitable provider to support you with this requirement.

As you will know it is essential for the public sector to take up references for staff and suppliers when they enter a contract with you. This often takes time and can lead to delays or failure to proceed. 

You must provide a reference from 3 different sources that can demonstrate you are a quality supplier. Your references will be assessed on the basis of the below criteria:

  • Was the implementation of the service you provided a success?
  • Was your performance on the contract you provided satisfactory and how would you be rated? Excellent, Good, Adequate, or Poor.
  • What is the willingness of your referee to recommend you (Y/N)

All recent work examples and activity are relevant, and you must ensure your references are ready to upload as you begin your application. An automatic fail to proceed will occur if these are not provided.

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