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At 365 Response innovation is in our blood. We were the first to develop a transport app for people requiring renal replacement therapy, the first to create a true digital marketplace for real-time procurement of health and social care transport services and the first to build an end-to-end cloud-based platform for health and social care transport providers. Our award-winning approach is appreciated by customers who are often not used to a can-do attitude and relentless willingness to improve.

Our customers are often large and complex organisations, working in an ever-changing regulatory environment. This is constantly challenging and without technology partners who are willing to work with them, and without a platform that is built to evolve, there is a risk of stagnation. This leads to degraded performance, inability to keep up with ever-tighter standards and spiralling inefficiency.

At 365 Response we recognise that our ability to be alongside our customers, adapting to change and being ready for the next big thing is critical to our success. This is why we are now creating a new R&D Lab.

Some of our most recent news

We believe it is important to invest for the future as well as fund the present. 365 Response operates in very complex fields with a lot of moving parts and it is no good just reacting to change, we need to anticipate and build the future for our customers.  Large transport services need to carry out very complex planning, quickly, for many different types of transport, using a variety of vehicles for service users with a host of different needs. With demand growing year-on-year and budgets reducing we face the real risk of many traditionally operated services simply collapsing due to lack of resource to support old ways of working. This is where our R&D Lab comes in.

It’s no good just being the best today. We need to know that we will continue to be the best tomorrow and into the future. Our investment in research and development will ensure that we are always thinking ahead, learning as we go, testing out and refining tomorrows solutions and getting them ready for when they are needed. Transport planning and routing problems are amongst the hardest known to solve and optimise. We are building a team of experienced mathematicians and data scientists to help us evolve and transform our algorithms to take advantage of the very latest research in the field.

We will be developing new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to build on and augment our already best-in-class tools. Through our association with the Cognitive Sciences Division of the Alliance Manchester Business School we expect our research to add to the global store of knowledge in this complex field. As a customer of 365 Response you can be sure that we are working hard, with the best minds in the world, to help you improve your efficiency, reduce costs and improve service user experience in this very challenging World.

Dr. Chris Jones

Dr. Chris Jones is the Chief Technology Officer at 365 Response and a leading GP. As a technology innovator, he is leading the Research and Development to bring new and exciting developments to our suite of solutions. As an active angel investor in high-growth healthcare technology companies, Dr. Jones is working closely with the Cognitive Sciences Division of the Alliance Manchester Business School to drive forward our development and increase understanding in the complex field of transport planning algorithms.


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