365 Transport Management System

A cloud-based transport management system

The 365 Transport Management System is an advanced digital system used by transport providers to plan, dispatch, track and trace their people, vehicles and passengers, end-to-end.

Our Solution

The 365 Transport Management System is a modular, cloud-based system that incorporates all elements of the transport process, from booking, scheduling and tracking, to invoicing and reporting. This innovative system has been expertly designed for use in Local Authorities, NHS Organisations, Community Transport and Private Enterprise organisations.

Organisations will benefit from the ability to contain all transport activity in a single platform, significantly reducing costs and promoting time efficiencies. The 365 Transport Management System streamlines your transport processes and manages governance with detailed reporting and notifications available.

Governance, assurance and enterprise-level security and scalability are at the heart of the 365 Transport Management System and it supports all sizes of organisations to meet the regulatory needs across government and private sectors.

365 Response offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital dispatch systems, offering feature-rich solutions for your organisation. The 365 Transport Management System integrates automated dispatch and planning with live mapping, integrated HR, training, fleet and risk management. We provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use app, which contains checklists and tracking for each step of the process, from pre-journey through to post journey.

This digital system empowers your organisation with a wealth of visibility and flexibility in real-time. Not only can you track the current journey, but you also have full visibility of your fleet so that you have access to all resources and can deploy them swiftly as needed. This advanced system is all underpinned with highly sophisticated governance, to ensure training and assessments are up to date for staff and vehicles.

“During COVID19, 365 Response played an invaluable role in coordinating new ambulance providers for inspection. The pre-inspection liaison, and then for successful providers managing the setup took a lot of pressure from us and was very much appreciated.”

Richard Morris, PTS Business Manager,

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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