A cloud-based, integrated platform for patient and community transport.

Platform-as-a-Service – delivering total flow solutions for the public and private sector

365 Response has developed a shared platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that allows multiple statutory and non-statutory bodies such as councils, NHS and third sector to share and optimise resources. PaaS is the future of a connected health and care transport system, where services, information and capacity are shared in a smarter way. This model, which has 365 Response SmartPlatform at its core finds capacity across all connected systems and enables shared resources, high utilisation and reduced downtime across agreed geographies, making it better for all.

The model is a step-change in the industry for the improved movement of people, vehicles and things. It is, in fact, an IOT (internet of things) for all movements across health, care and regulated industries.

The innovative system we have developed is truly end-to-end and solves the complexities involved in dispatch and tracking across organisations, within organisations and delivers a complete cloud-based logistics solution.

Governance, assurance and enterprise level security and scalability is at the heart of the 365 SmartPlatform and supports all sizes of organisations to meet the regulatory needs across this sector.

Founder of 365 Response, Sarah Fatchett, who was a Chief Operating Officer in the NHS Ambulance service, wanted a system that could do more than just dispatch. Working not just as a dispatch system, but fully integrating HR, training, fleet, risk management and driver enabled app-based checklists for every step of the pre-journey, journey, and post journey gives the system a considerable edge over other products.


“We have just had our CQC Inspection and I am pleased to report that the inspectors were very impressed with 365 SmartPlatform and our use of it as a tool for HR management/compliance, journey booking and planning…. They were blown away with the software and how we are using it.”

Rob Johnson
Director of Operations and CQC Registered Manager
Bristol Ambulance

In today’s world, we don’t just need to see where our own vehicle is at any point. We also need to see “Where all the local vehicles are, who has capacity in health – who is social care, where are the volunteer resources, are they all up to date with their training, does the vehicle have all of its equipment on board and has it been checked today?”. All of this is needed real time, in the cloud so we can all see all our resources from any seat – anywhere in the world. Thanks to the considerable investment from the NHS and Innovate UK, this is now built and live and is now here to bring tomorrow’s ideas to today’s delivery.