Social Prescribing Platform

Referral, assessment, appointment & outcome management

At 365 Response, we provide more than just transport solutions; our innovative software supports wellbeing with our Social Prescribing Platform

365 Response provide an innovative and dynamic cloud-based wellbeing and social prescribing referral, assessment, appointment and outcome management solution. The tools empower and bring together health and wellbeing coaches, care coordinators, GPs, Pharmacists and other care providers in the community to provide their vital services using smart, effective and cutting-edge software built by and for health and wellbeing professionals.

Our solution is flexible, fully configurable and can be utilised within multi-disciplinary integrated health and wellbeing services, as well as services with a single objective.

Our customers are using the features in the Social Prescribing modules to deliver a wide range of courses and programmes such as smoking cessation, weight management, independent travel training, alcohol reduction, exercise services and other health, wellbeing and behaviour change services across the UK.

There is the flexibility for the self-tailored courses to be delivered by internal staff and across multiple subcontractors, both digitally and face to face.

Service users can self-register online, complete bespoke eligibility processes, apply to relevant courses and manage their own health and wellbeing journey via an online interactive portal. The advanced reporting model analyses key data and metrics for robust reports and dashboards that can be shared with commissioners to present success rates across services.

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