Local Authority

Streamlining transport processes

We work Local Authorities to digitise transport systems, streamlining processes and encouraging time and cost savings

At 365 Response we specialise in transport management software, working closely with local government organisations to improve Home to School transport systems.

Our 365 Smart Platform is used to facilitate the safe and secure transport of hundreds of school children on thousands of routes each day. It has been specifically designed to provide flexibility and visibility for all stakeholders involved with Special Educational Needs transport and mainstream school transport.

Our eProcure solution provides a digital platform for Councils to manage their Dynamic Purchasing Systems in one place. This enables the streamlining of the booking, management and invoicing process for all transport purchasing.

Home to School Transport Solutions

A superior, digital platform to manage home to school transport requirements in one place. Designed to manage the complexities of SEND transport.


An end to end digital solution for securely procuring, managing and booking various forms of home to school transport, based upon your own DPS.

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