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6 Ways the 365 Driver App helps to improve the passenger experience

March 16, 2023

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Transparency and open communication are of great importance to calm parental or guardian anxiety and is paramount when dealing with minors and vulnerable service users. 

This was one of the reasons why we developed integrated application to allow more control to parents/carers and councils, giving them the ability to self-manage journeys.

A key feature of our 365 Transport Management System, the parent/carer, passenger and driver app features real-time messaging, that is contained securely within the platform without the need for costly SMS. This in turn allows all stakeholders to share vital information and keep up to date with relevant news and activity so there’s no risk of those sudden ‘surprises’. 

The live functionality also gives the ability for service users, parents/carers and approved school administrators to see the location of the driver and give immediate knowledge of where the passenger is at all times. Thus, reducing anxiety for families and calls to schools, transport operators and council teams and in turn, improving efficiency and reducing complaints.

In this article, we’ve listed the top 6 components that make our driver app and explain why each is critical to the safeguarding of passengers and their overall transport experience. 

1) Easily complete comprehensive vehicle assessments and mandatory checks 

The fully customisable daily checks ensure the highest levels of safety and security for passengers and drivers. Every driver is required to complete mandatory checks via the app at the start of their shift or journey runs. Checks include vehicle requirements such as mirror and tyre checks, as well as deep clean and health and safety obligations.

2) Easily record faults

During the vehicle assessment, drivers are able to swiftly report any vehicle faults via the app. By selecting the X in answer to a question, the app facilitates sending the fault back to Dispatch, where it can be quickly logged and repaired/resolved. Linking directly with the phone’s camera, the driver can easily attach an image to show vehicle damage or evidence of the problem being reported. This reduces any delays for passengers and ensures a swift resolution with all necessary parties instantly informed.

3) Rapidly log incidents or accidents

We understand that with complex transport, incidents or accidents occasionally occur. In this situation, the 365 Driver App enables quick communication and reporting of the situation back to Dispatch, so that the process of investigation and resolution can begin quickly. The Driver App facilitates two-way communication back to the Local Authority or transport base so that detailed information can be shared in real-time and appropriate steps can be taken. This leaves the Driver to continue with their run, with minimal delays, if possible.

4) Restrict passenger details with role-based access permissions  

The smart Driver App presents only the necessary data at the necessary time, to the appropriate individual. Prior to beginning the journey, the driver only has access to limited information regarding the passenger and the journey. Once the journey begins, they then have access to a condensed care plan including any comfort steps or specific requirements that the passenger may have. At the end of the route, this information is no longer available to the driver.

5) Share vital, real-time journey updates with timestamps  

Sending a child to school or a patient to a place of care can be daunting for families and carers. Utilising regular timestamps within the 365 Driver App ensures the right people are kept up to date with the progress of the journey. In the example of a child travelling to and from school, the Driver App seamlessly links to the Parent & Carer App, enabling the parent or carer to see where the child is on their journey.

The driver can start the journey and mark important steps such as ‘arrived at address’ or pausing a journey whilst collecting further passengers. Integration with Google Maps provides a real-time update on the anticipated arrival time, taking into account any traffic delays or detours. This allays any parent or carer anxiety, providing reassurance and necessary updates to schools or places of care so that they can prepare for the child’s arrival.

6) Communicate with ease

Two-way communication within the 365 Driver App enables drivers to speak directly to Dispatch and/or passengers (with correct permission) when on their journey run. Drivers can have two-way communication, provide attachments to share information and can also make notes on passengers, incidents, or accidents. Greater control over information and tracking of their own shifts improves efficiencies for transport providers, Local Authorities and private organisations. Improved communications benefit all stakeholders, particularly parents and guardians. 

Want to know more about the app or our Home to School software? We’re sure we can help, so get in touch below and one of our experts will get back to you.

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