Meals on Wheels

Effectively managing your Meals on Wheels service with our browser based software.

We provide a Meals on Wheels solution to streamline the process of delivering your Meals on Wheels service, whether you’re a private provider, charity or local authority. Our comprehensive solution improves efficiencies and lowers operating costs.

Our Solution

Meals2People is a browser-based solution for managing your Meals on Wheels service. Working together with Meal Providers, we have used over twenty years of experience developing software services to provide an end-to-end solution for managing meal choices, resources, route optimisation and dynamic data management, to bring to market a fully customisable solution.

Meals2People offers a complete solution for stock control, account management and multiple service management, wrapped in an easy-to-use browser-based system. Featuring fully configurable group and individual permissions for maximum security and enhanced functionality.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on excellent customer support. If you need help with your 365 Meals on Wheels solution, then we’re here to help!

Browser Based Solution

Meals2People is a browser-based solution, so there is no need for costly hardware or physical installation. To access the system, all you need is a web browser and your login details.

A truly scalable system, this has the ability to grow with you, seamlessly managing your services and meal selections, reducing manual administration time.

Intelligent Delivery

Operational modules provide greater flexibility for the administration and planning of the services that you provide, allowing you to plan client deliveries onto assigned delivery routes, with multiple deliveries per day, with a mix of service types, pricing and account payees.

We also offer independent route optimisation to ensure the most efficient use of drivers’ time and the vehicles in your fleet.

Menu Management

There is extensive functionality for the management of specific dietary requirements or personal preferences. The software considers these when scheduling meal choices, ensuring an automatic selection of suitable alternatives takes place, minimising manual administration time and ensuring the best outcomes for your clients.

The meal selection process can be configured to include single choice selections or multiple meal options.

Delivery Costs

Intelligent pricing capabilities allow costs to be applied across date ranges. This means that future pricing can be updated in advance, with no impact to the current delivery operation.

Our clients benefit from the ability to apply multiple charges to meals. This means that actual costs and subsidies can be easily monitored for budget management. All information can be exported into external accounting systems for ease of billing.

Resource Management

Built-in stock control functionality links to a stock database which is audited via the kitchen cook-list. This provides detailed tracking and reporting of actual versus planned usage and records wastage or expired stock. When a menu item is out of stock, the meal is replaced with a suitable option.

The system also enables the management of staff and vehicles, with the ability to record staff leave and vehicle availability.

Client Interface

MyMeals is a service area for clients, where individuals, carers or families can access the system to make meal choices, advise of service holidays, update preferences and submit feedback. This feature can be branded and styled with your own logo and colours, for a seamless client experience.

Service applications and referrals can be submitted by other departments, external organisations or by families and carers.

Our Latest Case Studies

“Of the several IT systems that we use every day, KL2 (with 365 Response) is by the far most user friendly. Since 1999 we have been using their systems and now use Meals2People and TransysCF.

One of the things that has most impressed us is KL2’s excellent reporting facility. Rather than having to trawl through endless spreadsheets, we save an enormous amount of time simply by running one of the many available reports.”
Kate Sohanpal | Coordinator Concessionary Travel & Meals on Wheels | Sutton London Borough Council

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