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A Day in the Life of Rachel Robinson: Bid Manager

December 2, 2020
Rachel Robinson, Bid Manager at 365 Response, smiling

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Our ‘Day in the Life of’ series will focus on a new team member every month. They’ll discuss their duties, what it’s like to work here, how many teas they drink, and everything else in-between. We hope you enjoy learning more about the people behind the software – one delightful blog at a time!

Hi Rachel, thank you for joining me! You already know the drill, start with the basics.

My name is Rachel Robinson, and I am the Bid Manager in the Bid Department…with myself. I am part of the Commercial team. Lovely team to work for, and this is our team office.

(Rachel proudly points to the empty living room behind her, and I wonder if it’s appropriate to discuss whether or not she’s entertained the idea of recruiting some imaginary friends).

A beautiful team of one. So, could you give us a brief description of your role, please?

Reminds me of my Dad. Did you know, he always hears “Bin Manager” whenever I try to explain it to him. A necessary job as they’re key workers and they get to leave the house, but not quite my job. My actual role involves responding to bids that are put out for government spend, so anything related to the NHS, Local Authorities, as they are required to run official competitions for services. I write lots of proposals and bids, respond to their requests for information, and manage the end to end process, from responding to their requests to submitting a bid and handing it over to a mobilisation or operations team. I’m probably not making it sound that exciting.

(I started to slow clap Rachel’s beautiful attempt at a ‘brief’ description, but she just continued to talk over it).

We’ll just cut it there… It does sound interesting, though. Just think of it as a best in show presentation for businesses and not dogs.

Well, as long as I can get a red rosette for my work then I’ll be fine. I’ll do most things for a certificate.

Anyway, back to work stuff! Give me a quick run-through of your day… 

None of my days are typically that similar, but they usually start when I get back from dropping my child at nursery after ruining her cool reputation by blowing kisses through the door. She’s not even 3, but she’s already ignoring me. She’s started calling me ‘Mother’ as well. ‘Oh Mother, silly Mother.’

I wonder where she gets that sarcasm from, Rachel…

I ah- I don’t know. No idea. So, after my daughter is gone, I make a lot of coffee. Black. Strong. I read through my emails to look at any tender notices to see what’s been released overnight, and then separate them into categories, like those which we are likely to compete for, or those that are good to keep an eye on for industry knowledge. Documents get reviewed, I chase for content or write it myself, create any graphics I might need, and then I make sure it all fits together nicely. Bid management’s like a weird crossover between marketing, sales, project management and account management. It’s a lot of different things, which is probably why I like it. Keeps you on your toes. Lots to do and lots to master! I am by nature a very creative person who likes juggling things constantly, so I don’t get bored.

Moving swiftly on to the lighter side of things… Any music during the day? Snacks? One-on-one pep talks in the mirror?

I listen to a lot of modern classical music. No music with words because then I sing along, and my daughter doesn’t like that.

Smart cookie. Did you have a favourite childhood show?

I used to like Round the Twist, but you won’t remember that. It was about an Australian family that lived in a lighthouse, and all these special magical things happened. It had a really good theme song, too. It’s for people of a certain age.

(I then blast the theme song through Microsoft Teams for the next 3 minutes as we share a nostalgic moment I have no reference point for).

What about a favourite book?

I have a soft spot for The Little Prince. We read it at school and then I studied a French degree at university. I used to live there. Don’t ask me to say anything, though. I’m trying to teach my daughter French, actually. She calls it ‘the bonjour game’.

Is she any good at it?

No, she just shouts bonjour.

Her skills easily surpass mine. Do you guys have any Christmas traditions?

I grew up in a pub, so our Christmas day was always different to everyone else’s when we were kids. I never used to think it was that weird to open presents really early because our parents had to work. We only had a sandwich at lunch because my parents were downstairs, so we’d eat Christmas dinner late in the evening. Never had turkey either, no one enjoyed it. We used to barbecue steaks instead. Rare ribeye.

Talking about your childhood, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A fighter pilot. I was a cadet when I was younger, but I can’t see far enough to actually be a fighter pilot. We used to fly upside down and everything, it was amazing. We’re quite an outdoorsy family, but I won’t go camping. God made hotels for a reason.

Can’t argue with you there. Any guilty pleasures?

I don’t think any pleasure should be guilty, as long as it’s legal.

Just to clarify to our readers, Rachel Robinson is a law-abiding citizen. I’m sure everyone will be pleased to read that. Okay, last question and then you’re free! Go-to karaoke song?

I don’t sing karaoke. No one wants to hear that.

Always honest, aren’t you. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! We’re really glad to have you on board.

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