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New 365 Parent & Carer App brings reassurance to Home to School Transport

June 28, 2021

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An exciting new App is being launched this month, set to truly revolutionise Home to School Transport. The new 365 Parent & Carer App will give greater access and visibility for SEND children on their journey to and from school.

The routes to and from education can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing time for all involved. With a growing demand for UK school transport provision to match the level of innovation and traceability that the private sector has, Local Authorities and schools now need to work closely to implement digital transport management systems that can meet the needs of parents and carers.

The 365 Smart Platform is a digital transport management system with rich functionality for school route optimisation, and revolutionary apps to support pupil safeguarding and the wider vision for a safer, greener, smarter school run.


The 365 Parent & Carer App is a unique function included within the platform, that gives access to parents and carers, with real-time, critical information at their fingertips. The new app presents up-to-date information about the child’s/children’s driver, vehicle, passenger assistant and route information. Access to this level of detail gives the control back to the parents and allows them to adequately prepare their SEND child/children for their daily journeys. Advanced access to future transport bookings and personnel changes is crucial to the wellbeing of the whole family, as even minor changes can result in distress for those involved.

A recent study on the wider school population suggests that parents are now looking to schools to update their manual, paper-driven processes, to adopt technological advancements and provide a safer and greener journey to school. A critical concern for parents and schools alike has long since been safeguarding, as the responsibility for the care of children transfers between the parent/carer and the government when transport is provided.

This new 365 Parent & Carer App allows tighter control measures and ensures that those who need to be, are always informed of the identity and credentials of the driver and passenger assistant responsible for the child on their journey.

The 365 Driver App works in tandem with the system and other apps and enables the driver to register daily journey checks (for safety and security), as well as logging important timestamps for each stage of the journey, always keeping the parents, carers, schools and councils informed.

The current worldwide pandemic has certainly shone a light on digital advancements and provided the opportunity for vast change in the transport and education landscape. This new 365 Parent & Carer App hopes to support parents, councils and schools through this change and truly use technology for good. Now is the time to implement a digital transport management system and give the much-needed control to those who need it.

If you would like a demonstration or free consultation of how the 365 Transport Management System can transform your home to school transport, please get in touch today via [email protected].


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