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Managing Mental Health Journeys with 365 Smart Platform

October 21, 2020

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The requirement for secure, mental health transport has seen a significant rise in recent years, and with that comes the importance of planning and organisation, to reduce potential risks to patients and practitioners in transit.

Safely managing the transport of patients with mental health issues

At 365 Response, we understand that the needs of each organisation can differ, which is why we offer multiple configuration options for fields within the 365 Smart Platform. Managing journeys for patients with complex needs can include travel to and from hospital appointments, safe and secure places of care, or specific travel for those sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983.

Organisations with responsibility for the planning and booking of secure transport can often face difficulty managing the availability of resources and ensuring a safe environment for both patients and health practitioners. The 365 Smart Platform gives complete visibility and control, eliminating potential risks and giving a clear picture of resources available. Furthermore, the Mental Health Module provides detailed reporting, enabling organisations to effectively track the financial aspect of complex transport.

As part of the 365 Smart Platform, we have developed a mental health-specific module to empower our customers to manage the complex booking requirements of patient transport – securely and effectively – for those with mental health conditions and related health issues.

The Mental Health Transport Module features specific elements that are configurable and allow as much or as little information to be captured at the point of booking, as required.

Booking Form

A detailed booking form is highly configurable and can be tailored to the specific journey and information requirements needed. Along with basic fields, such as name and address.

Mental Health NHS Trusts and transport organisations may wish to include specific fields for mental health transport requirements, such as specific vehicle needs and more detail relating to service users’ conditions. The module allows drop-down menus to be populated with fields such as vehicle types and markings required for mental health transport, number and types of escorts travelling with the patient, and requested crew gender. There are additional steps for authorisation of particular requests which require a higher, more controlled level of response.

Risk Assessment Forms

Per service offered by the organisation, a specialised risk assessment for transport can be set up and appears as a required step at the end of each booking. Risk Assessment Forms are used to gather comprehensive detail about the service user and their condition and needs, and provide a clear picture of the level of risk involved in conveying the patient, informing dispatchers of the appropriate level of resource needed. Forms are fully user-definable, with various formats of response including yes/no, drop-down lists and notes. There is also optional branching methodology to allow for ‘follow-on questions’ if a specific question needs to be asked following a specific response.

Pinpoint Location

We understand that due to the nature of mental health transport, it is not always simple to input an address for the journey. A new pinpoint location tool allows the booker to navigate to an area on a map instead of entering a specific postcode or address. This feature is especially useful for service users who may not be able to accurately describe their location, or for transporting a patient of no fixed address.


The 365 Smart Platform integrates with the revolutionary What3words software, which enables users to navigate to any precise location utilising their simple, 3 word address. In the absence of an exact address, this can be easier to navigate to the service user and can greatly speed up the process of deciphering locations.

The Mental Health Module is available to all and can be added to an existing instance of the 365 Smart Platform or can be utilised as a standalone system for mental health transport organisations. To request a demonstration, please get in touch today by emailing your requirements to [email protected].

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