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At 365 Response, we are working with some of the largest councils in the UK to digitalise the process of Home to School Transport and help to deliver vast improvements in the service.

Working closely with Local Authorities, schools, families and transport providers, we have identified key issues faced by Councils and purpose-built our 365 Transport Management System to help provide digital solutions.





How it works

The 365 Transport Management System (Smart Platform) provides an end-to-end solution with the ability to manage route planning, compliance and incident management, facilitate cross-stakeholder communications, increase visibility and drive considerable improvements for Councils, service users, families, guardians, carers, schools and transport providers.

Manage Compliance

A major challenge currently faced by UK councils is the communication, monitoring and adherence to compliance, for transport providers transporting young people, those with special educational needs, and adults.

The 365 Transport Management System features a comprehensive module designed to reduce the manual task of managing compliance, as well as a full dashboard which gives a robust overview of all vehicle and staff compliance.


Improve Communication
The organisation of Home to School transport can be complex and involve many stakeholders. Communication is a key functionality of the 365 Smart Platform, ensuring real-time updates for everyone. In the event of an incident, or in the case of information needing to be updated, the system facilitates this with ease. The 365 Smart Platform automates communications to considerably decrease back office staff administration and reduce calls from parents and care givers via the integrated Apps.
Achieve Greater Visibility
Utilising the digital platform, Councils can see a full view of resources in real-time, supported by live map visuals. The automated route planning promotes greener solutions and encourages efficiencies by scheduling the fastest and most efficient route plan.
Improve Service for Children & Families

The 365 Smart Platform has user-specific Apps, promoting self-management and significantly reducing anxiety, with increased controls. The Parent App allows parents and guardians online account self management, resulting in reduced calls and administration time for Council staff.

Call volumes can be reduced with the implementation of the 365 Smart Platform. This provides significant opportunities for the Council to make time and cost savings.

Improve Service for Transport Providers
The Driver App features a configurable, mandatory vehicle check which must be done before the work schedule can begin. This supports compliance and ensures the highest levels of safety and security for passengers. This also enables faults or incidents to be reported in real-time, as well as improved time and attendance data.
Enhance Reporting
The 365 Smart Platform features detailed reporting tools that produce a comprehensive suite of contract reports. User-defined and requested reports can be produced, using an extensive array of datasets. Authorised users can create new and ad-hoc reports and queries against all stored data, producing tailored search results. This allows the Council complete visibility and ensures situations are quickly addressed and resolved.
Automate Route Planning

At the heart of the 365 Smart Platform, is the automated route planning element. This digitalises paper processes and eliminates risks arising from human error or cross communications in planning.

Automated route planning takes into account the parameters set by the Council, including instances such as limits in how long a passenger can be on a vehicle and the times they must arrive at their destination. The smart route planning functionality takes all information into account and provides a route plan that works for each stakeholder.

Real-time mapping
The live platform utilises real-time mapping, so that if any changes need to be made mid-route, this can be easily applied using the integrated Apps. Parent and guardian anxiety is significantly reduced with real-time updates, including the ability to see the planned arrival time and the expected arrival time, based on traffic conditions.

Our Latest Case Studies

“It is our ambition to transform Home to School Transport and raise the bar by delivering the most reliable, efficient, and inclusive travel experience...

for children and young people. It is time they got the service they really deserve and not the one they have settled for. We’re really excited to be working with 365 Response on the roll-out of their Transport Management System on our services.”

Vinay Parmar | Managing Director | National Express Accessible Transport |
Discussing the implementation of the 365 Transport Management System to digitalise their Home to School Transport operations

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