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At 365 Response, we place families and young people at the heart of our Home to School Transport solutions.

It is our aim to create innovative software that eases concerns and anxieties in relation to Home to School transport, especially Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) transport. 

Our Solution

We have drawn on personal experience and worked closely with parents, carers, councils, transport providers and vulnerable passengers to develop a software that recognises and addresses their needs.

Working closely with all stakeholders, we identified the top issues faced by families, guardians and carers when considering Home to School transport.

Key Questions

Where is my child?

The 365 Smart Platform features an easy-to-use App, which gives access to all of the information you need, at your fingertips. Using the Parent App, you can easily see a real-time location of your child whilst they are in transit. The App works in conjunction with the school portal and local authority systems, so that they are aware of when your child should be arriving and can plan accordingly.

The Council side of the system includes reporting, compliance, and checks that are actioned daily, and monitored closely for safeguarding.

Who is my child with, and are they safe?

The Parent App allows you to view detailed information to provide assurances and give you an opportunity to prepare your young person for their journey.

Safeguarding is at the very top of our list of priorities, which is why compliance is a key element of our platform.

How can the 365 Smart Platform help me, as a Parent / Carer?

The 365 Smart Platform fully supports collaborative communication between families and the Local Authority. It holds real-time data that can be shared with relevant professionals and allow any changes to the EHCP or care plan to be actioned immediately.

As the system holds up to date and accurate data, this can also be used to support the annual review of transport.


Our Latest Case Studies

“It is our ambition to transform Home to School Transport and raise the bar by delivering the most reliable, efficient, and inclusive travel experience...

for children and young people. It is time they got the service they really deserve and not the one they have settled for. We’re really excited to be working with 365 Response on the roll-out of their Transport Management System on our services.”

Vinay Parmar | Managing Director | National Express Accessible Transport |
Discussing the implementation of the 365 Transport Management System to digitalise their Home to School Transport operations

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