Managing Transport Services with Warwickshire County Council

Background Warwickshire County Council’s (WCC) Transport Delivery team provides transport services for a number of other departments/teams. Utilising the 365 Flexiroute PlanRoute solution, they manage transport services for mainstream, SEN, CLA, Adult Social Care, post-19 SEN and concessionary travel. The system is responsible for the effective management and booking of transport for 15,700 passengers annually, […]

NHS Lothian Embrace Better Patient Flow with the 365 Transport Management System

Background NHS Lothian are one of our newest customers, who currently use our Transport Management System to help plan, manage and track their patient transport services in a more efficient way. Upon initially starting their 365 Response journey, they had a clear plan of what they wanted to achieve with our software. Initially, to ensure […]

Digital Transport Marketplace Supports Private Patient Transport Services

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365 Response began with the aim of improving access to medical care for those that need it the most, through the use of technology to improve patient transport services. As we have evolved and further developed our platform to support complex transport needs, our team is still bringing support to our healthcare services by enabling […]

Bristol Ambulance EMS digitise NEPTS with 365 Smart Platform

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Background Bristol Ambulance EMS, an independent ambulance service for both the NHS and Private Healthcare Providers, has worked with 365 Response since 2017, utilising the 365 Smart Platform to digitise old paper processes. Established in the 1970’s Bristol Ambulance EMS has a team of highly trained professional staff, prepared to take calls for patient transport […]

Greater Manchester Mental Health Saves Time with Mental Health Ambulance Bookings

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Booking Mental Health Transport Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) have worked with 365 Response since 2016 to ease the pressure of booking mental health transport. The Trust can have short notice requirements for long distance mental health journeys up to three times per day, previously resulting in the time-consuming task of contacting […]

NHS England Specialist Transport Call Handling Provided by 365 Response

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Background In August 2019, we shared that we had successfully won the national NHS England tender to provide a specialist transport management and call handling service for NHS England Specialised commissioning. The specialist call centre facilitates the transport of critically ill neonates, children and adults. Our compassionate 365 Response team based in Leicester, bridge the […]

Greater Manchester Mental Health: Implementing the Courier Module

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This month we [virtually] sat down for a discussion with Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH), to discuss their recent implementation of the 365 Smart Platform: Courier Module. We spoke with Lyndsey Farquhar, Facilities Manager and Christopher Oldland, Logistics Manager about their requirements and the process of putting a solution in place which […]