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NHS Lothian joins the 365 Smart Platform for Patient Transport

May 7, 2021

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We’re pleased to announce another new customer has joined the 365 Smart Platform. Our system will now help plan, manage and track NHS Lothian patient transport services. Following the redesign of urgent care in Scotland, NHS Lothian were ahead of the curve as they designed, developed and implemented the original Flow Centre model and the service has been running since 2016. They were aware that greater efficiencies could be made to their transport planning function, by introducing a digital transport management system.

Gary Murray, Business Development Manager at NHS Lothian shared,

“We’re looking forward to getting started with the 365 Smart Platform as we think it will work for us exactly the way we want it to. We previously used paper-based systems to plan our journeys, so it was difficult to identify and resolve delays in the system. We predominantly manage hospital discharges so we are looking forward to highlighting our inefficiencies and extracting the data to drive service improvements.”

The 365 Smart Platform is a transport management system that easily fits around current workflows and adapts to the many applications that it can support. Working with NHS organisations, Local Authorities and private transport providers, the platform provides increased visibility and real-time information for everyone who needs it, making it an ideal choice to assist with NHS Lothian patient transport requirements. Utilising industry-leading, advanced algorithms, the digital platform automates the time-consuming task of planning and managing multiple patient transport bookings, such as those required in a busy Flow Centre or Discharge Lounge.

Gary continued, “it’s been a very smooth, quick process of onboarding with 365 Response. The project has moved quickly with no issues or obstacles to date. We’ve developed a good relationship with our project team and we’ve been able to identify areas where our processes need to be tweaked.”

As we begin to ease back into a new form of ‘normal’, it is pertinent that we take with us the advances in technology and alternative ways of working that have been rapidly implemented throughout the pandemic.

Sarah Fatchett, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at 365 Response shared her passion for driving improvements in care,

“Too often we see gaps in patient services that could be solved through the implementation of innovative technology. As many NHS organisations continue the process of evolving beyond old systems and assessing opportunities for improving the patient experience, we are glad to have NHS Lothian join us to reap the benefits that our platform can offer.”

Contact us today to see how you could benefit from implementing a digital transport management system for your patient transport services. You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 0333 2027365.

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