Patient Transport Software

Digital transport system for patient & non-patient transport

The 365 Smart Platform has been designed by experts in health and care transport with years of operational experience. The cloud-based integrated platform provides a computer aided patient transport platform that enables the organisation to manage all transport related resources in one place.

Our Solution

Local Authority

The 365 Smart Platform is feature-rich and has been designed working closely with NHS organisations to ensure a useful and easy-to-use system that offers substantial time and cost efficiencies. This end-to-end patient transfer platform streamlines the process of buying, booking and routing, and has created significant efficiencies for many UK organisations.

Cloud Based Software

With the 365 Smart Platform there is no need for the installation of expensive and hardware. The cloud based software is hosted on Microsoft Azure, guaranteeing peace of mind that your data is safely stored in the UK and with robust systems data-loss systems in place.

Integrated Governance

The 365 Smart Platform features a module for detailed tracking of vehicles, managing assets and recording important staff and patient information. All protected with user-based access.

Safely store appropriate documents and receive alerts when information is required or due to expire.

In-Platform Messaging

Safe and secure in-app messaging allows contact between relevant parties. Sensitive information such as home addresses and patient-specific data will only be available during the transport period and will be removed

Fully Configurable

The software is completely tailored to your care setting. We will work with you to configure the system to your exact needs.

Automated Planning Tools

The smart planning tools automate the scheduling of resources to ensure effective and efficient patient transport.

Comprehensive Reporting

The 365 Smart Platform provides a full suite of reports from comprehensive data sets.

“During COVID19, 365 Response played an invaluable role in coordinating new ambulance providers for inspection. The pre-inspection liaison, and then for successful providers managing the setup took a lot of pressure from us and was very much appreciated.”

Richard Morris, PTS Business Manager,

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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