Dynamic Procurement Platform for NHS

The 365 Response eProcure platform provides an end to end dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for securely procuring, managing and booking various forms of patient transport. All based upon the SBS and LPP national frameworks.

Our Solution

The 365 Response eProcure system is built alongside the London Procurement Partnership Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) whilst ensuring the buyers standards are met and managed digitally end to end. eProcure offers a cloud based, secure platform for procuring, managing, and booking a variety of transport solutions to suit the buyers needs.

A large selection of approved and competitive suppliers are taken through a vetting and procurement process and given access to the eProcure platform, which allows buyers to post mini competitions for long term and ad-hoc journey requirements.

Our eProcure platform is used to effectively manage the procurement of PTS, Urgent Care, Taxis, Renal, Community Support, Special Educational Needs and Home to School transport solutions working to track and improve the flow, spend and activity for NHS Organisation or Local Authority and Councils.
The e-Procure platform offers suppliers the opportunity to bid for ad-hoc and longer term transport work UK wide offering full visibility of available work with an in-built invoicing system for transparency and ease of payment.

Complete Booking Flexibility

The eProcure platform supports the booking of individual journeys and block shift bookings.

NHS organisations benefit from time and cost savings from the advanced booking process.

Full Digital Procurement Process

The eProcure platform supports dynamic purchasing, providing a digital end to end platform from booking to invoicing. The system features digital invoice management and real-time notifications & alerts.

Comprehensive Reporting

A full suite of comprehensive standard and bespoke reports are available from the platform. Customers have complete assurance that all actions within the system are subject to a full audit trail.

Assisted Provider Onboarding Process

365 Response manage the full DPS onboarding process, engaging with new and existing transport suppliers to ensure a highly competitive process. Our in-house team manage the compliance of all providers, saving you time.

Full Mobilisation Plan & Support

The mobilisation process is quick and fully assisted. You will receive dedicated training and support to make sure you get the full benefit of using the eProcure platform to buy and book patient transport services.

Plug-in & Procure Process

The eProcure platform is free for NHS organisations to use, with minimal setup required.

Our in-house experienced team will run the full procurement process, with no consultation fees.

Illustration showing taxi and ambulance in a colourful orange, grey and blue setting

Are you a private transport provider?

We want to work with a wide variety of transport suppliers for our NHS and Local Authority clients.
We’re looking for Ambulance and Taxi services to provide emergency and non-emergency patient transport services, urgent care services, renal services, community support, home visitation transport and non-patient transport such as bloods and samples for our NHS clients.

SEN Transport and Mainstream School Transport suppliers are also required to provide the various forms of transport required by our Local Authority clients and councils.

We’ll support all suppliers through the process of becoming an approved supplier and you will benefit from being able to gain work with NHS Organisations and Local Authorities on ad-hoc journeys and long-term contracts.

Working through our application process


Apply to the NHS SBS National Transport Framework for Health, Care Logistics and Call Handling.


Our experts will assess and score your application.


You will be admitted to the Framework if your application complies with its standards.

Access Work

Once onboarded to the eProcure platform you can start bidding for work.

As an SME using this platform, it will open many doors for us and we are very excited to be working with 365 Response. The process has been great. Not just with compliance, but with continued support and effort. Without your kind assistance and advice, it would have been incredibly difficult to get on the platforms, so I really must reach out and thank you so, so much.

Joseph Newman | Operations Manager | SSGL Medical

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