Specialist Calls Handling Services

Working with NHS England, we provide expert specialist transport management​

The 365 Response team includes a highly trained, specialist call handling team based in Leicester.

In 2019, NHS England commissioned the 365 Response team to provide a vital service supporting the delivery of critical care to sick neonates, children and adults in the East Midlands and beyond. The national ECMO service, critical neonatal care and critical paediatric care services look after the most vulnerable and sick babies, children and adults across the East Midlands and nationally. The efficient and safe transport of these patients from their local hospital to the specialist centre that can best care for them depends upon effective real-time communication across multiple teams, specialists and their transport teams.

The service connects clinicians looking after very sick patients to the expert regional clinical teams that are able to advise or take over their care. Incoming calls from consultants across the region are speedily connected to the right experts who may be located anywhere or even mobile, allowing real-time multi-party conferencing and decision-making. Transport teams are included so that where a transfer of care is required there is no additional delay.

The service is delivered by the highly trained 365 Specialist Call Handling Team, based In Leicester, and is underpinned by a digital communications platform and case management system created by 365 Response and built on their 365 Smart Platform. Full case management, review, audit and call recording is all available securely in the cloud-hosted platform on demand.

We are proud to say that this service was extended to provide assistance to patients suffering from Covid-19 in April 2020.

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